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Safeguarding Policies

Sussex & Surrey Angling Tuition is determined to do all it can to help everyone involved provide this safe and enjoyable environment. I have adopted the Angling Trust safeguarding policies. As the National Governing Body for angling, it is also a key responsibility for the Trust to have a safeguarding policy that is clear and adopted by as many people as possible in a very diverse community. I review these policies on an annual basis. A policy is only any use if it is implemented on the ground. In order to fulfil our commitment to safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults it is paramount that everyone involved in angling does their bit to implement the policy and its actions proactively. If it just sits on the shelf, then it won’t protect people properly

All of us can remember how happy it made us to learn how to fish. By following the sensible steps in our policy, you can help ensure that you will have reduced the risk of anyone being harmed or made to feel miserable or afraid as a result of getting involved in fishing.

Please help us to ensure that angling is a safe and enjoyable activity that everyone can enjoy by implementing our policies which you can download using the links provided below. If you’ve got any questions about these PDFs, please contact me.

         Safeguarding Adults in Sport   

         Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults   

         Safeguarding Children & Young People in Angling   

         Equality Policy   

         Safeguarding - Guide to Social Media   

Safeguarding Policies: About Me
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