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Get fishing for wellbeing


Welcome to ‘GET FISHING for WELLBEING' from the Angling Trust. Anyone who has been fishing will know how beneficial angling is at boosting mental health and wellbeing. 

I am on the Angling Trust get fishing for wellbeing as an approved partner. You will need to speak to your GP surgery or community link worker to get prescribed fishing for your wellbeing.

You can apply for a consultation with your Community Link Worker to help address any of the physical or mental health and wellbeing issues that you or a family member are experiencing. Please suggest that you try fishing as a support activity for your condition(s). Community Link Workers are often based in your GP (Doctor) surgery so simply ask the receptionist at the surgery or your GP who your Community Link Worker is.

If your GP surgery tells you that there is not a Community Link Worker based at the surgery, please email one of the Regional Leads at the Thriving Communities project. They can connect you to a Community Link Worker near to you:

If you need help explaining to your GP or Community Link Worker that fishing is a brilliant way to address mental health and wellbeing issues then we can help!

Ask your Angling Trust Regional Angling Development Officer:

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